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You will find throughout my writing the phrase “Grasp Life in the Moment”. I truly believe that each and every day it is a necessity to grasp every moment and hold it dearly in our hearts. It is a prerequisite to thinking positive.

As part of the learning process of positive thinking, we will be exploring many different scenarios to get you inspired, overcome obstacles and make any necessary changes in your life. Thus, you will achieve new goals and values in your life with a deeper understanding.

The first step to understanding what is important in your life is to recognize how your life is unfolding. When you understand the direction, your life is taking, you will be able to analyze what is important in your life journey.

Every day we all have challenges that need our attention and a plan of encouragement to see past those challenges. So, to be able to determine the topics that need to be discussed, is to know what the most important core values in your life are. 

Therefore, I have created the poll below which is intended to help assist you and others in assessing and evaluating your life values and how they affect your own life. It is an important part of the process to be truthful with your answers that you select that are related to your life.

You can begin the process by entering your name, email and selecting one or more life values that relate to you, then click on Submit below.

According to the responses, the top (13) life values names and percentages will vary.

Disclaimer: We take into consideration that your privacy is important to you. All personal names and pertinent information shall be kept confidential. The only information to be posted in our poll is the life value characteristic traits and percentages.

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Deborah - FiveCors Life Guide - "Grasp Life in the Moment"

“There are many branches in our lives that hold our emotions, while there are many leaves that represent life values, which are like the leaves of a tree that branch out in all directions.”

FiveCors Life Guide

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"Life Values" Poll
Please select one or more of the "Life Values" that are very important to you and click on Submit. Disclaimer: We understand your privacy is important. The pertinent information such as your name and email that you entered during this submission process will be kept private. Thank you for participating in this "Life Values" poll.
Positive Thinking
Self Confidence
Ownership of One's Actions

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