My Story

My Story

I am blessed and grateful each and everyday for the skills I have been taught over the years of my life. I learned to listen to people not just hear them, to watch their body language, be understanding and compassionate to their needs and wants. Also, at least once daily everyday to be kind to another person and so much more…

My dear and loving parents were my mentors. They taught me that nothing in life comes easy, you must work hard for what you want. There will be times that things just don’t go the way you thought, never give up. Those times are when you learn the most.

All my life as far back as I can remember, someone would come to me and ask advice. Sometimes I wondered why they would pick me because at times I have no idea how to help them in their situation. Being their friend and confidant, I would go on a mission to find some way to get the answers and help them. Together we would work through their issues and find a remedy.

In addition to my stories, there are many other experiences and outcomes to share with you. Learn more about my stories, values and how to apply them to your life by reading my blog.

Continuing on, in the summer of 1989 my father past from cancer with me being by his side during his stay in the hospital. It was such a devastating time in my life. Then in the summer of 2013, my mother had a stroke that left her right side paralyzed. Her wishes were not to go anywhere but home. So with all the love and compasion I learned from both of them, she came home. In January 2014 my husband past over from heart failure in another state during a blizzard which I had to drive through to get to him. When you think no more can happen then in the summer of 2015, my mother also past over. A lot of trials were put before me in that time to overcome and with a grateful and loving heart, I survived.

Now that my children are grown, I have the time to share my life’s lessons, the knowledge I have obtained, and the wisdom that enlightened and fulfilled my life.

I’m here to try to answer any questions, listen to what you might want to share, give any guidance so you can assess and make the life value changes you desire in your own life.

Remember, “Grasp Life in the Moment.”

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“What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.”

George Eliot (March 1983)

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